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Skarpline is an international software company with one mission: simplify the way we communicate. With the patented Skarpline Chat Platform, you can share everything by simply dragging and dropping it to a person or group in your contacts. Work with unlimited number of internal team members or external contacts. Skarpline makes collaboration smart and easy.

Task & Solution


The Internet of Things is the next big wave of technology – essentially every physical device, vehicle, building and other items will be connected to the Internet which will allow them to collect and exchange data. So for example: if you wanted to turn on your coffee machine and have it brew a cup of coffee for you, you can do it by simply typing in some commands in your computer. We created this video in collaboration with Skarpline, which has created a chat platform already capable of connecting with devices to be able to give them commands directly from the chat platform. 



Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe After Effects
Sound Design
Custom Filming
Color Correction & Grading